Friday, April 27, 2007

Storage Virtualization and why blogs beat traditional journalism

I was searching Google news for various key words, and imagine my astonishment went I came across:
NetApp VP says storage virtualization overrated
NetApp's VP of emerging products Jay Kidd on staying off the storage virtualization bandwagon, competition with Isilon and NetApp's current identity crisis.,289142,sid5_gci1252978,00.html - Apr 26, 2007 - Similar pages - Note this

What gives? Is my fellow employee (who is a smart articulate guy) disrespecting my pride and joy, ONTAP GX? If GX is not storage virtualization, then what is? Considering my previous blog post was on GX, I couldn't let this one slide.

If you read the article, you'll find an excellent conversation between the interviewer Beth Pariseau, and Jay Kidd, Senior VP of the Emerging Products Group at NetApp. No where does Jay say "storage virtualization [is] overrated". He does discuss file virtualization that NeoPath, Acopia, and Rainfinity do, and expresses his belief that that those businesses are not profitable.

File virtualization != Storage Virtualization. NetApp sells storage controllers, and products like V-Series and GX are examples storage virtualization at the storage controller level.

So why are blogs better than traditional journalism? Because bloggers get to pick their own headlines. I know Jay didn't pick NetApp VP says storage virtualization overrated as the headline, and doubt the interviewer, Beth Pariseau, did either.