Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Will be blogging about NFS here for a while

NetApp is going in a different direction with corporate blogging, and until that gets resolved with respect to the NFS blog I used to post there, I will be posting here. If the blog location changes I again, I will delete this post, and replace it with one that links to the new spot.

I am working on getting the posts that used to be at blogs.netapp.com/eisler back on line.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

pNFS client is now part of Fedora 15

Trond Myklebust, the official Linux NFS client maintainer, told me today:

FYI: as of this morning, Fedora 15 is shipping with 'kernel-2.6.40' which is basically a renamed 3.0 kernel (presumably to avoid trouble with shell scripts that check for the '2.6.x').

The kernel is shipping with both 'files' and 'objects' pNFS modules.